Yami Gautam: I haven’t felt nervous even with films that didn’t do well because I knew the outcome ahead of time.

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Yami Gautam: I haven’t felt nervous even with films that didn’t do well because I knew the outcome ahead of time.

Actress Yami Gautam says there have been films she sought to save with the filmmaker, knowing they would not live up to expectations.

Yami Gautam: I did some films where my heart didn't belong, but I will  respect it as it was work | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Lost, Yami Gautam’s next film, received a warm reception at its Asian premiere at the 53rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI). She tells us thereafter, “Actually, I was not nervous; in fact, I am rather excited by the response we received.” You get nervous, but only when you’re prepared for what’s to come and have a good knowledge of how the film has progressed. Even with the ones that did poorly, I don’t think I was concerned because I knew the outcome. So far, my comprehension and predictions have usually been true.”

So how can she give her all on a film set if she already has a feeling it won’t do well when it’s released? Gautam responds with a smile, “You still have to offer your all.” You still choose to be a part of that movie, and you’re still on set. I don’t believe you can ever cheat that, unless it’s such a horrific event in terms of behaviour or anything beyond your dignity. Until that time comes, you must do your best and do justice to the best of your ability.”

Yami Gautam - Yami Gautam heads to Chicago for Lost premiere at Chicago  South Asian Film Festival - Telegraph India

The 33-year-old goes on to say that it has happened before with films that she tried to salvage. “You still try to reason with the director and salvage what can be worked out,” she explains. I am one of those persons who will not leave until the very end. Is there anything that can be done? Let’s sit down after pack-up and see if we can improve the performance. I’ve done it with two or three of my films, and they didn’t turn out the way I wanted. But I was ready. You can’t claim I produced horrible work because I think I did justice to myself and my sensibility.”






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