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XLRI commences New Academic Session of 2020 at both the campuses…

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Xavier School of Management welcomes the new batch of studentsof the new academic session of 2020. A total of 477 students joined the illustrious XLRI student fraternity.  

New Batches at XLRI Jamshedpur Campus:

Flagship programs:

o  Business Management (PGDM-BM: 2020-22 batch) – 181 students;

o  Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM: 2020-22 batch) – 181 students;

Along with:

o   Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) – 15 students;

o  Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EXEC-FPM) – 28 students

Along with:

o   Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) – 15 students;

o  Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EXEC-FPM) – 28 students

While addressing the students Fr. P. Christie S.J., Director, XLRI-Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur said, “It’s the first time in the history of XLRI that we have the inauguration online due to the extraordinary circumstances created by Covid-19 outbreak. With all classes online, this term will be a new experience for all of us. We are doing everything possible to provide you with a similar learning experience as in the classroom.  However, we look forward to seeing your bubbly selves on the campus as soon as MHRD and the local district administration give us the green signal.  Excellence and Ethics are important elements of XLRI’s DNA and are passed on to every student of the institution. One of the goals of XLRI is to produce women and men for others, people with great sensitivity to the needs of the poor and the disadvantaged and the marginalized. We need to be conscious of the needs of the underprivileged sections of our society in our decision making as business leaders so that we can work for the inclusive and sustainable growth of India”.

“We are happy that we have a new campus in the Delhi-NCR area. One of the reasons for going to Delhi is the growing demand for more business leaders triggered by the economic growth in India. These extension campuses, from its very inception, were conceived as ‘an integral part’ of XLRI Jamshedpur. Our two campuses remain part of the same registered society, the same governing board, and have the same treasurer for all the campuses. Our institutional strategy visualizes both Jamshedpur and Delhi campuses as two entities of the same XLRI institutional brand, and the students of both the campuses belong to the one and only XLRI”, he further added.

The new students will be taken through a Special Orientation Programme drawn up by XLRI to update their knowledge before regular classes commence. This year the Orientation program will be conducted on a virtual platform.

Every year the first-year students of XLRI undergo a compulsory Village Exposure Programme and the Outbound Adventure Programme. Both programs have been specially designed for students to create awareness about the realities of rural India and foster a sense of team spirit. This year due to the pandemic, it would not be possible to organize these programs.


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