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World Ozone day!

Read Carefully


Every year  is celebrated on 16th septermber. The Ozone layer is a kind of  blanket which protects earth from harmful gases, rays etc.This layer absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet.rays. It is a piece of atmosphere that has high ozone concentrations.

Today is the day where we can spread awareness. Everyone can experience and enjoy this day together.

Since 1994 World Ozone Day is been celebrated. People around the world celebrate this day. Many schools and colleges spread awareness to students on this day. 

Many people are still unaware about today. Share your knowledge to your friends and family.

How do you think we can preserve it? What can we do to protect the layer?


Here are few ways to protect our Ozone Layer:

  1. Walk or use bicycle to go to nearby shops
  2. Reduce the usage of cars,bikes,buses.
  3. You can use Ola share or carpool to reduce the usage of cars
  4. Plant trees around your surroundings.
  5. Reduce the consumption of gases which will harm the ozone layer.
  6. Don’t consume food which have traveled so far, it may produce nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide, Methyl Bromide, Halogenated HydroCarbon, ChlorofluoroCarbons are the harmful gases which affect the ozone layer.

To honour this Day you can read about it through different resources and try to make changes in your surroundings.

Make a change.Start spreading awareness. Share your knowledge. So, other people can start making a difference.

written by,  Anab Faiaz.


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