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What makes for a good democracy? Good governance? If so, how? Supposedly “By the people, For the people, Of the people”summarised in the words of Abraham Lincoln. One of the greatest visionaries of his time. What is the current need of the hour? Quick money? A good hustle? Quick decisions? Savings? Close all and stay home? Keep things running till the tap runs dry? What will it be? Who decides it? What factors change it? Do the govt policies make a difference? Or are we all waiting for a miracle?
Seems as of now, that we are waiting for a miracle!.

Driving slowly past the same roads I did before march. There was traffic jams everywhere, which we would curse everyday, now there’s hardly traffic leave aside jams. You can see shopkeepers standing on the doorstep and looking out into oblivion and searching and waiting.
You can see every week new tolet boards coming up on places that used to be shops,showrooms. You notice these emptier roads having faster cars and bikes now. You notice businesses close as early as 5.30 or 6 in the evening, which is very early compared to what the market used to close before March. People are eager to work but even more eager to go home sharp in the evening after closing.

The extra conversations after closing have stopped. The tea breaks are no more filled with laughter and joy. There is more silence at the places of work. The inquisitiveness to know whats happening in your colleague’s life is suddenly gone. We have become more isolated by what’s happened and are continuing to isolate ourselves further. Most would say what is this article about, why is the author all over the place? Here I am trying to show the frame of mind of not just employees, but business owners alike. No one is in a happy state of mind. On top of this he has to think about the business. Do I continue to procure more stocks? How to liquidate current stocks? What is the life of all that I am holding now? Will this material give trouble to its users? Will any of this come back to me as warranty?.

In the midst of all this he has to also think about the people working for him. So many families are dependant on this business that’s not doing well. How long do I continue running this at this level? Are my over heads diminishing? Are my fixed costs reducing? There is no inflow of money, so how long do I keep running things at this level? Do I downsize now or wait? Do I close and shut with no further liabilities? Will the govt help? Will a new useful policy come? What is needed to be done? Seems like everyone is suddenly selling corona protective gear and machinery to sanitize. Should I, as well?. In these times when a trader, seller, businessman is in doldrums, they look upto the government.

Maybe the government policy will make a difference. Maybe they will help us after all. Maybe they will come up with a scheme for our betterment as well for once. But alas we Indian businessman somewhere inside have Felt, Seen, Understood, that this government somewhere has failed and failed miserably. They have failed to feel the pain of the businessmen, traders,etc. They have failed at seeing their difficulties. And most of all they have failed to understand their needs!. So is this a good democracy. I mean we have the freedom of expression. But what’s the point if the authorities are not listening or paying any attention to what’s happening among citizens.

If you ask me, we are one voice away from revolution. A modern revolution which will break more and make less. We are one strong voice away from understanding where to vent our anger, our anguish, our emotions. That one voice is inside every person’s mind. And when we consolidate this one voice into one movement, there will be chaos beyond control. It is an epidemic waiting to happen.