When Salman Khan’s followers get out of hand, they are lathicharged and called “jobless people” by trolls. Watch

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When Salman Khan’s followers get out of hand, they are lathicharged and called “jobless people” by trolls. Watch

Salman Khan welcomed the throngs of admirers who had gathered outside his house on his 57th birthday. Salman waved to them from the balcony of his Galaxy apartment as they were all applauding for him from below. However, as the mob grew too large to manage, the police were forced to deploy lathicharge to push them away.

Since the morning, large groups of fans have been gathered in front of his Mumbai house. They remained still for a while. As soon as Salman and his father Salim Khan appeared to his balcony to welcome them, the crowd increased, and the police had to use a lathicharge on some of the people.them to push them away. They can be seen running away on camera as police beat them with sticks and take their shoes and other belongings.

Salman Khan waved to his fans who later got unmanageable outside his house on Tuesday.

People’s opinions on the usage of lathicharge remained varied when a paparazzo account uploaded the video on Instagram. Lathi charge nahi hona chahiye, a supporter remarked. The actors will travel by road if there are no fans, thus there shouldn’t be any lathicharge. His admirers truly adore him from the bottom of their hearts, according to one commenter.

“Logo ko unki Berozgaari ka ehsaas dilaate hue Mumbai Police (Police attempting to remind people of how unemployed they are),” another Instagram user added. “Jobless folks, truly kiske pass itna time hai godknows,” another wrote (jobless people, who has time for all this). Another comment stated, “They were going crazy and it was really an outrage.” “Police has to conduct laathi charge to control them.” There was also a comment that said, “Har baar ka he theatres me bi yahi sab hota tha jab jab Salman ki movie release hoti thi insane fan’s he salmaians (these folks are the ones that dance in theatres while watching his movies).”

Salman also shared a picture on Instagram to show his appreciation. He wrote nothing more than “Thank you everybody.” The actor was wearing a grey t-shirt, and Salim Khan was standing next to him in a blue check shirt. He had a magnificent birthday celebration that night, attended by Preity Zinta, Shah Rukh Khan, Kartik Aaryan, Tabu, Pooja Hegde, Suniel Shetty, Sangeet Bijlani, Sonakshi Sinha, and Iulia Vantur.









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