When Anupama Parameswaran Tearfully Recorded the 18-Page Climax Scene

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When Anupama Parameswaran Tearfully Recorded the 18-Page Climax Scene

Nikhil Siddhartha and Anupama Parameswaran collaborated on Palnati Surya Pratap’s 18 Pages after sharing the screen in Karthikeya 2. On Friday, December 23, the Telugu romantic comedy movie was released in theatres. The film’s producers conducted a large pre-release event in Hyderabad to promote it before it hit theatres, with Tollywood actor Allu Arjun in attendance.

In a post-premiere interview for the movie 18 Pages, Nikhil Siddhartha related a story from the 18 Pages dubbing session. The Arjun Suravaram actor said that Anupama Parameswaran sobbed during the film’s final scene’s dubbing. Anupama’s part in the romantic comedy was also discussed by Nikhil, who noted that it differs significantly from what she played in Karthikeya 2.

18 Pages Movie Trailer | Nikhil, Anupama | Surya Pratap | Sukumar | Bunny  Vas | Gopi Sundar - YouTube

The 37-year-old claimed that in 18 Pages, the viewers will like their on-screen relationship. Nikhil Siddhartha further on the plot of the movie and said that it will appeal to people of all ages, not only young people.

The Karthikeya 2 actor previously became a little upset while talking about producer Allu Arvind at the 18 Pages pre-release event. Sukumar, the author of the 18 pages, received recognition as well for his impressive filmography. Nikhil said, “I am a big fan of Sukumar flicks, and I now feel happy for taking part in the story he wrote.

Other notable actors who appear in 18 Pages besides Nikhil Siddhartha and Anupama Parameswaran are Dinesh Tej, Ajay, Posani Krishna Murali, and Brahmaji. The producers of the Telugu movie are GA2 Pictures and Sukumar Writings. A Vasanth and Naveen Nooli handled the film’s cinematography and editing, respectively, with music composed by Gopi Sundar.







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