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A lot of art lovers have gotten back to their hobby of painting during the lockdown period. And if you are one of them and want to try different ideas to paint, then this is the right place for you. So if you prefer to buy watercolor paintings most often then you must give it a try. No matter how much alluring watercolor paintings can look, it is a little confusing about where to start and what to paint. Let’s eliminate this hurdle and start testing our limits to become a pro in painting. And you can always buy watercolor paintings to add as wall decor that fascinates you.

Here are 6 painting approaches and methods to bring out the true craftsman in you. Trust me, stick to these ideas, and you will master the art of making paintings with just a few soft brush strokes. 

1. Get Inspiration: 

Getting inspired by aesthetic things in your home is impressive, but for starters buy watercolor paintings that will give you inspiration. When you buy watercolor paintings as your subject, they will help you know the key factors to keep in mind. It guides the essence of watercolor and how to use it to make the best out of it. 

2. Beautiful Bright Flowers: 

The bright colors of a flower can lift anyone’s mood. Flowers are an easy painting subject and can be painted without any complicated technique. Beautiful flowers like daisy and tulip are great for beginners. Moreover, flowers are not perfect and have chopped petals, or can be slightly faded. Start painting a flower to understand art more deeply. 

3. A Pinch Of Salt:

If you want your painting to have extra gradients and texture, then adding some table salt on the wet color can do that for you. It soaks up the color and leaves a sandy looking appearance afterwards.

4. Natural Leaves:

It is an effortless technique of painting. Just immerse the brush in color and apply it on the leaf. Make sure that the color is level and don’t overdo it. Then simply put it on the sheet and remove the leaf carefully. Quite easy, right? You can also add some more effects later to give an extra touch to the painting. 

5.Sponge It Off: 

Lifting off the wet paint produces a great effect. If you like to experiment with different techniques to add a unique quality, this one should be incorporated in your list. 

6. Soft Splatters:

To add some pigments on your painting, splatting is a fantastic option. You just have to flick some paint off your finger to the painting. Other tools like an old brush can also be used to give a perfect amount of splashes. This type of chaos into the painting looks best while painting trees and other natural things. 

These were some painting ideas and techniques to make an extraordinary art piece. And you must always keep them in mind when you buy watercolor paintings.  


If you buy watercolor paintings for your office or home they will just add to the beauty. It requires some time to get a hand of techniques. So, don’t get upset if one doesn’t come out as planned. After a wee bit of preparation, you will commence painting like an expert.