Create your own style of comedy: Vivekh’s advice for aspiring comedians!



Vivekh was one actor who was confident of his role in the film industry. The actor was always effusive in his appreciation of his co-stars and was often ready to give a piece of advice to aspiring actors.




We asked the actor about the large influx of comedians in Tamil cinema and what advice he would send them so that they could stay in the industry for a long time when we caught up with him for an interview.“Turning into a full-fledged comedian entails a lot of hardships,” Vivekh had said, speaking from personal knowledge. I first appeared in 1987, but it wasn’t until 1996 that I became a success with the public. I didn’t know what kind of comedy I wanted to do at the time, and I was having trouble deciding. As a result, I recommend that these comedians recognize their strengths and create their own style of humor. They can also collaborate with as many musicians as they can. That is how they can get into the mainstream. Otherwise, they will be one-hit wonders. ” That’s a valuable Gyan, isn’t it?




The actor’s death has left a hole in Tamil cinema, and many famous celebrities have expressed their sorrow at the loss of the talented actor, who was only 59! In a touching video post, the actor’s contemporary and acquaintance, Vadivelu, said, “We all were very close friends.” And he was my fan, while I was his. He was the kind of person that would speak his mind. Every word he said will have an effect. His attitude toward others was friendlier than mine. It truly breaks my heart that he is no longer alive.”





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