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Vimonisha takes brands online!

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Vimonisha, who have been pioneers in Chennai’s Exhibition Industry for 3 decades. They have started a new vertical where they are helping fashion & lifestyle brands go online with the lockdown & changing shopping trends!

Please have a look at their story .This story is about  how entrepreneurs are helping other entrepreneurs and their fraternity to build digital platforms and cope and adapt.

When the lockdown was announced on 22nd March, fashion designers and labels had already planned their summer collection. Designers were in despair. What were they to do with excess stock that customers did not have access to? This is when Monisha Gidwani, CEO of Vimonisha Events and Consulting, came to the rescue. She realised the untapped potential of online branding and marketing. She came up with the perfect solution to help designers gain access to wider audiences.

Vimonisha Events and Consulting has developed a comprehensive 360-degree approach towards marketing. It is Vimonisha’s mission to get designers and entrepreneurs online and help them build their brand and digital presence. During this lockdown, when consumers demand certain products, like garments, jewellery, doctors, therapists, physical trainers, and many more goods and services, Vimonisha provides marketing tools and social media services to build the bridge between the brand and customer. Vimonisha believes that the lockdown does not mean that the woman of today has stopped shopping. Vimonisha is here to cater to every brand that wants to be tech-savvy in today’s market. 

The brand consulting is an effective blend of increasing social media presence, public relations, and collaboration between brands. What makes Vimonisha unique is the years of experience with consumers and are vast databases that will help brands connect with their audiences. 

CEO of Vimonisha, Monisha Gidwani makes sure that each brand is given personal and detailed consulting based on her 30-plus years of experience in marketing and brand management. Mrs. Gidwani has been a pioneer of the exhibition industry, and has been in the limelight, promoting new designers and endorsing up and coming brands. Now she takes a step back from the media frenzy to work hard behind the scenes to promote entrepreneurs’ visions.  Brands will now have the chance to transform their social media platforms to look aesthetic and consumer ready, and gain the exposure to wider audiences and databases. 

“Vimonisha encourages entrepreneurs to reach out to us so that we can help them successfully build their digital presence,” says Monisha Gidwani. “Our innovative marketing tools are personalised to reach target audiences and ensure brand recall for their business.”

One of the most inspiring stories of brand transformation is Radha by Jenny Vijaykar, a label from Mumbai which has stood the test of time and changing fashion. Radha, a sustainable fashion brand with classic styles that are handcrafted by Indian artisans, thrived on traditional sales from their brick and mortar store. When the lockdown was announced, the brand realised the increasing urgency to take their brand online. 

This is when Monisha, who believes in #VocalforLocal stepped in to translate the brand’s personality digitally. Jenny Vijaykar, designer and founder of Radha, says, “Vimonisha perfectly articulated my ideas and thoughts and converted it into a strong digital presence. I can’t wait for this next phase of my business, where I can target the online sector as well.”