Vice President Venkaiah Naidu advocates creative learning and the use of mother tongue as a medium of education.

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Vice President Venkaiah

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu advocates creative learning and the use of mother tongue as a medium of education.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu advised schools on Wednesday to develop instructional practises that are futuristic and avoid rote learning. Speaking at the Vellore International School (VIS), which was created by the VIT network of institutions in Kayar, Naidu said,

“In today’s technology-driven and rapidly changing world, students must be taught to think quickly, be nimble, and create utilising cutting-edge technologies to tackle 21st-century challenges.” He also advised schools to eliminate curriculum and extracurricular activity segregation and to promote a holistic approach to education.

Naidu also emphasised the necessity of using the mother language in school teaching, insisting on making it the medium of instruction till the elementary level in both public and private institutions. According to the V-P, pupils should be encouraged to talk freely in their mother tongue at school and at home.

“One should study as many languages as possible, but a firm foundation in the home tongue is necessary.” Multilingualism has been found in studies to improve cognitive development in youngsters. “Knowledge of various languages also helps develop cultural connections,” Naidu added.

G Viswanathan, the founder and chancellor of the VIT group of universities, has encouraged the state and federal governments to invest more in education since it is critical. “India lags behind in terms of delivering excellent education.” “We need to focus more on enhancing education, and we can’t do that without government backing,” Viswanathan added.

The VIT corporation has entered the school education industry through VIS, according to GV Selvam, chairman of VIS. The first phase of development for VIS, encompassing 2.5 lakh square feet, has already been finished.





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