Varisu film review: A predictable family story that only works because of Vijay’s presence.

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Varisu film review: A predictable family story that only works because of Vijay’s presence.

Varisu movie review: It’s a classic family story with all the expected beats. The film also stars Rashmika Mandanna, Sarath Kumar, Jayasudha, Srikanth, Shaam, and Prakash Raj in addition to Vijay.

It’s no wonder that mainstream southern filmmakers continue to milk the family drama genre to the bone. Despite numerous modifications of the same tale structure throughout the years, it is one genre with a high success rate. Vamshi Paidipally, in his first collaboration with Vijay, plays it incredibly safe with Varisu. It’s your typical family drama with all the expected beats, but it’s saved entirely by the presence of one man, Vijay, who performs all the heavy lifting and makes this a very entertaining movie.

varisu review, Varisu:'వారిసు' రెస్పాన్స్ చూసి దిల్‌రాజు, వంశీ ఎమోషనల్..  తమన్ కన్నీళ్లు! - thaman, vamshi paidipally and dil raju in tears after  witnessing a huge response to vijay 'varisu' - Samayam ...

The plot revolves around a family led by Rajendran (Sarath Kumar), one of India’s most powerful merchants. His two sons, Jai and Ajay (Srikanth and Shaam), manage his business, and one of them hopes to be the heir. When Rajendran finds that he has advanced-stage pancreatic cancer, he chooses to honour his wife’s wish by celebrating his 65th birthday in magnificent style. Rajendran’s youngest son, Vijay Rajendran (Vijay), returns home after seven years for his mother’s birthday party.He’d left home following a disagreement with his father over joining the family business. What happened in Vijay’s family to force him to stay, and why does his father choose him as chairman of his group of companies?

Varisu is predictable from the start, yet the very presence of Vijay works in its favour. After primarily working in action films in recent years, it was wonderful to see Vijay have fun in a straight-up family film. This is a film that makes extensive use of Vijay’s comedic side, and it works like magic.It’s a natural performance that will appeal to people who aren’t followers of Vijay.Vijay arrives to distract and excite whenever predictability sets in with his pitch-perfect portrayal of a son who becomes the family’s saviour. There isn’t a single other character besides Vijay. thing that contributes to Varisu’s success. Nonetheless, it’s a film worth seeing with your family during the Pongal holiday.

The familial sequences, particularly those involving Vijay and Jayasudha (who plays the mother), work slightly in an otherwise predictable picture. The fight between the brothers should have been more intense for the family drama element to function even better. One thing the film does get right is that it delivers precisely what the trailer promised. If you came in with preconceived notions after seeing the trailer, you will not be disappointed.








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