Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Talks Openly About Playing Dark Roles

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Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Talks Openly About Playing Dark Roles

One of the notable actresses in the South Indian cinema industry is Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. With roles in movies like Sarkar and Vikram Vedha, she exhibited her acting prowess. The diva even won the Ananda Vikatan Cinema Award for portraying a villain in Sarkar and Sandakozhi 2. Varalaxmi recently discussed her experience playing unfavourable characters in an interview. She claimed that it was quite challenging to empathise with characters that were as dark as Komalavalli and Pechi (Pappa). The actor added that she worked tirelessly to depict her characters with the utmost accuracy and that she was keen to capture all of their subtleties.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Breaks Silence On Casting Couch: " I Have Proof Of  Recorded Phone Conversations Where People...."

Sandakozhi 2, which was directed by N. Linguswamy, tells the tale of Balu, who fights valiantly to defend his family from a villain. The cast’s acting performances were praised by critics despite the movie’s lack of box office success compared to its forerunner. The narrative of an NRI businessman who experiences the worst shock when his vote is cast by someone else is told in the AR Murugadoss film Sarkar. When he decides to look into the situation, he is forced to choose between two dishonest politicians. Sarkar received mixed reviews, with several critics noting up that the storyline was unoriginal.

Varalaxmi is preparing for her forthcoming role in the Dayal Padmanabhan-directed film Kondraal Paavam. She penned a thank you card to her coworkers and uploaded a photo on Instagram telling them of this development. David Dhawan’s film Partner’s song Soni De Nakhre was the music that the cast and director danced to. After reading this touching post, Dayal was overcome with emotion and said, “I should appreciate you mam for your collaboration & dedication towards our movie..! The remarkable weight loss Varalaxmi experienced pleased her admirers as well. Many of them pressed her for information regarding her struggle with weight loss.

A lone house in Dharmapuri will serve as the backdrop for the criminal thriller Kondraal Paavam.







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