Under the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, 3,000 Indians would be offered visas and jobs.

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Under the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, 3,000 Indians would be offered visas and jobs.

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of Britain, is getting ready to declare a new “relationship” with India. Following his discussion with the prime minister, Rishi Sunak approved 3,000 visas for Indians with degrees to work in the UK. Under the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, the UK would provide employment opportunities for up to two years to 3,000 Indian young professionals between the ages of 18 and 30 each year.

The programme will run on a reciprocal basis between the two countries starting in early 2023. This statement was made in the Downing Street statement following Sunak’s meeting with PM Modi on the grounds of the 17th G20 Summit. Since Rishi Sunak assumed leadership last month, this was their first meeting.

The British government asserted that India is the first nation with a visa system to stand to gain from the robust UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership, which was established last year. Sunak also mentioned a conversation with India during his run for prime minister.

Beginning in early 2023, the programme will operate on a reciprocal basis between the two nations (File Photo)

According to a study by ANI, the UK has more ties to India than almost any other country in the Indo-Pacific region. Over one-fourth of all international students studying in the UK come from India, and Indians who invest there support over 95,000 employment nationwide.

British Prime Minister Sunak issued a statement in which he stated, “I know first-hand the enormous value of the profound cultural and historical links we have with India. I’m happy that more of India’s most talented young people will now have the chance to experience everything that living in the UK has to offer, and vice versa—making our economies and societies richer.

Rishi Sunak Approves 3000 UK Visas For Indians What is UK-India Young  Professionals Scheme

According to a tweet from the UK Prime Minister’s Office, “Today the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme was confirmed, offering 3,000 seats to degree-holding Indian citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 to come to the UK to work and reside for a maximum of two years.

The two countries are negotiating a trade pact. If the agreement is fully approved, it will be the first time India has reached a similar arrangement with a European country. The 24 billion pounds in annual trade between the UK and India will be strengthened by this trade agreement, which will also give the UK the opportunity to benefit from India’s rising economy.





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