UK Has “No Plans” To Move Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital: Report

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UK Has “No Plans” To Move Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital: Report

According to a spokesman for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the UK has “no plans” to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, according to a report by Al Jazeera.

A spokesperson stated on Thursday that the government had “no [such] intentions” in response to a query regarding the possibility of moving the embassy.

She added that the relocation concept had been investigated by the previous administration, according to Al Jazeera.

Despite Israel recognising Jerusalem as its capital, the UK has long maintained an embassy in Tel Aviv, where the majority of other nations also have consulates.

Liz Truss, a former British prime minister, stated in September that she was considering relocating the embassy to Jerusalem. Yair Lapid, the Israeli prime minister at the time, praised this assertion. The Palestinian administration, Palestinian-supporting organisations, British church leaders, and European foreign ministers, among others, all voiced their opposition to it.

According to Al Jazeera, Jerusalem continues to be at the centre of the protracted Israeli-Palestinian dispute. The Palestinian Authority (PA) insists that East Jerusalem, which Israel has been illegally occupying since 1967, should serve as the capital of a Palestinian state.


UK Has 'No Plans' To Shift Its Israel Embassy To Jerusalem: Report

Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital is not recognised internationally until the Palestinian conflict is resolved.

Under former President Donald Trump, the US broke its ten-year policy and recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by building its embassy there in 2018.

The Arab world and Western allies criticised the choice, while Israel praised it.

Under the direction of then-Prime Minister Theresa May, the UK stated at the time that it had no plans to move its embassy and openly opposed the US decision.

According to an Al Jazeera report, only the US, Kosovo, Honduras, and Guatemala have embassies in Jerusalem.

Earlier, in the second week of October, Australia denied that its position had changed and insisted that it had not gone back on a decision reached under former Prime MinisterScott Morrison will declare West Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Hours after The Guardian in the UK claimed that Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs has changed its position on recognising West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to The Times of Israel, Foreign Minister Penny Wong denied the claim.

Wong disputed that the previous administration had reversed its judgement. The government “continues to see the final status of Jerusalem as an issue to be settled as part of any peace discussions,” a representative for Wong told Australia’s ABC News.

But according to Wong through the spokeswoman, “the past government took the choice to accept West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” and “no decision to reverse that has been made by the government.”

The Labor Party had promised to reverse Canberra’s recognition of the western sector of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital made in 2018 under the leadership of then-prime minister Scott Morrison if it won if they were elected.the Liberal Party of Australia.






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