Udanpirappe Movie Review: A family drama that needs a lot of patience to watch

Udanpirappe Movie Review: A family drama that needs a lot of patience to watch

Udanpirappe, directed by Saravannan and produced by Jyothika and Suriya, stars Jyothika, Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, and others in minor parts. Without a theatrical release, the film was distributed only on Amazon Prime Video. Here’s what I had to say about it.

Vairavan (Sasikumar) is the village’s leader and someone who strives against all difficulties to save others. For a long time, he and his sister Maathangi (Jyothika) haven’t spoken to one other. Sargunam (Samuthirakani), Maathangi’s spouse, and Vairavan are mortal foes. Maathangi loses her kid in a long-ago accident while attempting to save her brother’s son. The siblings’ lives have been impacted by this tragedy. Will they ever be able to communicate again? The heart of the tale is what pulls everything back together.

Jyothika immerses herself in the role she portrayed. This is her 50th picture, and she wowed the crowd once again with her performance. Her facial expressions and performance are unique. She looks lovely, and her attire is appropriate. There is no question that Sasikumar is a versatile performer. He has a part that is both action-packed and emotional. His makeup is flawless, and he looks just like a villager.

Samuthirkani portrays a government employee in the film. He has a set of rules that he follows and does not allow anyone to break them. He’s a person who adheres to laws and ethics, and he can’t stand violent individuals. He has given a good performance.

Saravannan, the director, has created a good picture. It discusses sibling relationships, ethics, the relevance of values, and the importance of values. In the film, Kalaiyarasan portrays the antagonist. Despite the fact that he plays a little role in the story, he causes several unexpected twists and turns.

D. Imman’s music adds to the film’s intensity. The film’s locales, camera work, and supporting actors are all adequate. Soori, a stand-up comedian, is featured in the picture, and he manages to make us laugh with a nice dosage of comedy.

Overall, Udanpirappe is a one-time watch that requires a great deal of patience to watch and complete.


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