Tour Director Sara Ali Khan has returned. From A Mumbai Local Train This Time

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Tour Director Sara Ali Khan has returned. From A Mumbai Local Train This Time

Salutations, everyone. With her iconic Namaste Darshako series, Sara Ali Khan has returned. This time, the actress and her team were riding a Mumbai local. Sara and the colleagues opted to take a local train to avoid the busiest period of traffic. The first scene shows Sara shouting “Namaste Darshako” to her supporters while standing inside a compartment with her crew.

We are on a local train since Mumbai traffic at this hour may be terrible, she continues.Therefore, we must put up with this back discomfort, but pain does not equal gain. We’re going to take a rickshaw from a side street now. Sara is seen in the final scene of the video sitting in a car with a member of her crew. Namaste Darshako, according to the caption that accompanied the video.

Tour Guide Sara Ali Khan Is Back. This Time, From A Mumbai Local Train

We applied our brains today. We travelled by rail with Samay ka Sadupyog.

Sara Ali Khan recently celebrated four years since the release of her first movie, Kedarnath. Sara stated in a video showcasing behind-the-scenes footage from the movie set, “It still feels like a dream and now probably always will. and she would go to great lengths to return to 2017 so that she may reshoot the movie.

“My biggest desire came true four years ago,” she wrote in her endearing statement.It continues to be surreal and probably always will be.I would give anything to go back to August 2017 and reshoot every scene for this movie, relive every moment, learn so much from Sushant about acting, music, movies, books, life, and the stars, see every sunrise, and experience all of the other things he has done.Enjoying every bite of Maggi and Kurkure, watching the sun set and the moon rise, listening to the sound of the river, getting ready at four in the morning, being presented to and instructed by Gattu sir, and just being Mukku once more.

Thank you for providing me with a lifetime of memories. The full moon is shining brightly tonight, but Sara said, “And while that, I know Sushant is up there right beside his favourite moon, glowing like the brilliant star he always was.” and always will be.” Sara was remembering her first co-star, the late Sushant Singh Rajput. To Andromeda from Kedarnath






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