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Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies of the last 3 Years! (IMDB Rating)

Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies of the last 3 Years!
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Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies of the last 3 Years! (IMDB Rating)

Kollywood has been entertaining us with all kinds of genres for a long time. But the main source of entertainment for the wider audience has been Tamil Comedy Movies. For us, comedy literally means where we can enjoy. It doesn’t matter what kind of comedy it is. A lot of people have their favorite genre, like adventure, romance, or thriller. But comedy is a genre in which any human, from child to old, can enjoy it without much thought. This is the result of comedy movies.

Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies
1.Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) 8.5

A labourer, Rengaswamy wants to own land and earn a livelihood by farming. But as his dreams come true with the aid of a leader, he is forced to face far greater obstacles in his life.


Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies Merku Thodarchi Malai

2.Oh My Kadavule (2020) 8.1

Two childhood friends plan to get married, Anu and Arjun. However, because of misunderstandings and miscommunications that lead to a divorce, their married life gets difficult.


Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies ! Oh-My-Kadavule

3.Oru Pakka Kathai (2020) 7.8

The family accepted the marriage of Meera, a college student, and her boyfriend, Saravanan. But the condition after graduation is like after a job. But the whole story gets upside down as Meera becomes pregnant.

Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies ! Oru Pakka Kathai

4.Kolamavu Kokila (2018) 7.3

A young girl gets involved with the heroin dealing mafia, operating in the small towns of Tamil Nadu, to save her mother from terminal cancer. Eventually, however, her family is drawn into an internal war on drugs, putting their life at risk.


Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies Kolamavu Kokila

5.Goli Soda 2 (2018) 7.3

A taxi driver, a gangster, and an athlete want to make their own space. But as fate hits, they end up losing everything, and their fight to rebuild their lives begins.


Top 5 Tamil Comedy movies Goli-Soda




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