Top 5 Indian web series of 2020 (IMDb Rating )

Top 5 Indian web series of 2020 (IMDb Rating )

Top 5 Indian web series of 2020

In India, the web series was growing steadily, but the year 2020 was a watershed moment for OTT platforms. Although content creation was limited due to shooting constraints, the public devoured OTT content from the comfort of their homes during the pandemic.

1 .Scam 1992 -9.4 

Set in the 1980s and ’90s of Bombay, the life of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who led the stock market to a dizzying height and a tragic downfall.



2.Special OPS -8.8

The plot from Himmat Singh’s eyes is based on the inspiration that Nineteen took. In the last two decades, India has conducted many espionage missions of national significance.


Special OPS


3.Panchayat -8.7

A comedy-drama that captures the journey of the engineering graduate Abhishek, who, for lack of a better career, joins as secretary of the Panchayat office in the remote village of Uttar Pradesh.



4.Bandish Bandits -8.6

Indian classic singer Radhe and pop queen Tamanna. Despite their diametrically opposed identities, the two “set out on a path of self-discovery together to see if opposites, though they can attract, may also evolve and last the distance.




5.Aarya -7.8

Would Aarya become the same thing she despised when her life is turned upside down? How far will she go to protect her family and survive?


Top 5 Indian web series of 2020  aarya-hotstar-review



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