Top 5 Bessie Beach Joints

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Top 5 Bessie Beach Joints: With the onslaught of newly opened restaurants in the town, the dining scene in Chennai has erupted with innovation and originality. Taking advantage of diners’ refined palates, several eateries are coming up with exciting clever menus to pull the patrons in and secure their patronage. Here are the best 5 places

Top 5 Bessie Beach Joints

1.Based on a True Story (BOATS) – BOATS is located IN Besant Nagar, Chennai, and is a busy, accessible place to grab a sumptuous meal with friends. BOATS will be ideal for any mood. Treat your palate to an overdose of flavors handpicked from all over the world through the menu of BOATS. A delightfully global list stretching to accommodate cuisines like Continental, Chinese, North Indian, and Asian fills you with joy.

BOATS Beach Bar

2.Cups and Teas – As the name suggests, drop by for an enchanting cup of beverage prepared with love and perfection. A tiny place with fantastic ambiance, beautifully decorated, giving a warm and cozy feel along with mouth-watering delicacies

Cups and Teas


 3.Blind Chemistry – Blind Chemistry in Besant Nagar is no ordinary desert paradise. Filled with hammocks, swings, and wooden seats, this small but quirky space offers more than just milkshakes. Blind Ch3mistry has everything from coffee shots, iced lattes to rice bowls and sandwiches, french fries, and even smoothie bowls along with quirky PaniPuri options, customized into unique dessert options. The crowd-puller being ‘The Blind Series.’


4. Ka Organic Restaurant – Ka is an exclusive “Organic Vegetarian Restaurant” launched in April 2016. The Concept starts from Farm& ends in Farm, involving the promotion of Self-Sustainable Farming practices that are free from Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Preservatives. The mission of Ka is to spread the message of Good Health through Good Food.

Ka Organic Restaurant


5.ATTE Glocal Café – This place in Besant Nagar is a pocket-friendly and a pet-friendly café. Their food is incredible, and they have two friendly pets, madras and whiskey, which is the main reason you should go there. They’ve also got a carom play area and board games. They’ve shown their creativity on their menu by adding a Tamil touch in naming the dishes. Ippadikukaruppu chocolate is a must-try. Thus global recipes but still local.



The sound of water, along with the music and the fantastic food, Chennai, has excellent food joints next to the beaches for a surreal experience.

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