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Top 10 best food hubs

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There is no other city that I love as passionately, and a considerable part of that is thanks to the glorious city offers best places to eat in Chennai . Some of these are so intricately woven into the city’s fabric that it is impossible to separate the two; those are the ones I have tried to write about today.

1.Robot – If you are looking for the splendid food and great experience in Chennai, this is the place. It is based on a futuristic decor where robots are serving you and greeting you. An absolutely happening restaurant in Chennai. A must try to this futuristic new age decor.

Robot Restaurant

2. Kaidi Kitchen: Kaidi Kitchen is a theme-based restaurant. Waiters are all dressed up as prison inmates and supervisors as Police. The ambiance is as though you are eating in a prison cell. It is an excellent veg restaurant to hit in Chennai.

Kaidhi kitchen

3.Royal Indianaa– It is a pure veg restaurant. It is lauded for its timely service and is a good joint to visit if you are looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food at reasonable prices. Great ambiance and an incredible variety of food coupled with friendly staff. Royal Indianaa has all that you need for a perfect experience of dining.


4. The Flying Elephant – This place has excellence written all over it. The dishes are smashing, and most of the time, your stomach gets filled, eating the starters itself. Dining in this place is much more than just having food. It’s magical. The roasted rhubarb and heart of palm salad with goat cheese, pistachio tossed in a spiced honey vinaigrette, is a must-try.

Flying Elephant

5. Peshawari, ITC – You want to impress your date, this is the place recommended. Peshawari in Chennai offers an exceptional dining experience and excellent nonvegetarian food. It has a wide range of dishes being a Bombayite(we love food). I would highly recommend this place.


6. Sunset Grill – This place is fascinating. A rooftop poolside restaurant with beautiful décor and ambiance, just making your experience magic. Whatever occasion it may be Sunset Grill in Chennai makes for a perfect peaceful dining.

sunset grill

7. Winter Palace Russian Restaurant – It isn’t often you hear about Russian Cuisine in India, let alone taste it, so the news of a specialty Russian Restaurant opening up in Chennai had both my ears and taste-buds perked up. Beautiful decor of authentic European style. As you enter the place, you get impressed with the ambiance and courtesy of the staff. The drinks Red Wine and Russian Vodka served chilled were complementary to the food.

Winter Palace

8. Cafe Mercara Express – This place is one of its kind. Amicable staff, fast service, beautiful ambiance, and mouth-watering food. This place has it all. It is an experience not to be missed.

cafe mercara

9. Southern Spice – This place gives you a perfect blend of best south Indian food along with a warm, homey ambiance. It is a restaurant in Taj Coromandel Hotel and has delicious toothsome food.

10. The Brew Room – The Brew Room is a beautiful, cozy continental restaurant located right at the entrance of the Savera Hotel. The ambiance is pleasant, and the type and range of food are excellent. The Nutella Cheesecake Bar is to die for. The Brew Room is one of the most loved cafes in town. They have the perfect lighting and music to go along with your food.

the Brew room

These are the places in Chennai a food lover should never miss. A must try to these mouth-watering, delicious food.

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