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Top 10 Best Dessert Stores in Chennai

Read Carefully


Whenever we think about deserts, an endless amount of category runs through our mind, because the desert is the only food category which gives you a huge option to choose from.

In India, every state and city has their own authentic way of showing love for sweetness, what if you can get all kinds of the desert from all over the world in one place? 

Of course, you can, Chennai has an unlimited option of sweetness for all kinds of people. Back in the day when we were little and did not have enough pocket money we could hardly eat ice cream or any other dessert. Whenever mom made the decision gajar ka halwa or kheer we never Stopped eating it as many times as we could. Now as time has changed so has the types of deserts. In Chennai, you don’t have to think much.

Let’s explore the sweetness

We all have that little kid inside when it comes to dessert, and sometimes all of a sudden the love of sweetness wakes up and then starts the craving. If you live in Chennai then trust me you don’t have to think, weather it’s a traditional sweet dish or the most authentic foreign desert, liquid or solid you name it you have it.

It could be some kind of delicious Shake, lassi or the endless variety of ice cream or rolls, sweets from gulab jamun to rabdi or from waffles to pancakes. Chennai has the endless variety and stores that can make feel you never felt before.

So here are the best 10 dessert stores in Chennai where you can satisfy your cravings of sweetness.

                                 Cream stone

                  196 degree below                             

                                      Waf o Bel    


                 Amadora gourmet icecream    

                       Brownie heaven                         

                                    Winter fell

               Zuka choco-late café                        

                   Amelie’s café and creamery

      Sandy’s chocolate laboratory                  

These are one of the best places in Chennai where you can get the most delicious desserts, and in your budget.


Chennai has it all sorted, no family dinner or gathering, no night outs with friends or your loved ones or and no all of a sudden craving will be bitter if you are in Chennai. Just like it’s rich cultural heritage Chennai and sweets people, Chennai is the hub of sweetness and deserts.

So no more cravings, just take it sweet!