Together, Chautala, Bishnoi, and the BJP and JJP bring the campaign in Adampur to an end.

Together, Chautala, Bishnoi, and the BJP and JJP bring the campaign in Adampur to an end.

Old animosities and new electoral rivalries are put to rest as the ruling coalition supports Bhavya Bishnoi and sends a message to Congress.

On the final day of the campaign for the Adampur Assembly byelection, the BJP and Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) put their political disagreements and long-standing rivalry aside.

Several state ministers, MLAs, MPs, and other senior leaders of the state, along with JJP leader and deputy chief minister Dushyant Chautala, BJP leader Brijendra Singh, BJP chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, BJP candidate Bhavya Bishnoi and his father Kuldeep Bishnoi, the late Bhajan Lal’s wife and Bhavya’s grandmother Jasma Devi, and several other state leaders, also took the stage.

Dushyant, a great-grandson of Devi Lal, and Bhavya, a grandson of Bhajan Lal, are members of opposing political dynasties in Haryana. Additionally, Dushyant, Brijendra, and Bhavya ran against one another from Hisar in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, with Brijendra winning.

The demonstration of force was intended as a warning to the Congress, which has promised a competitive race under the veteran leadership of Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Candidate for the Congress is Jai Prakash.

In his address, Dushyant solicited votes for Bhavya by stating: “Three years ago, Brijendra Singh, Bhavya, and I ran for the Hisar Lok Sabha constituency. While Brijendra Singh was sent by you to the Lok Sabha, I won my election from Uchana and was elected to the Vidhan Sabha six months later. Bhavya has now also been given another chance. To ensure that you have a voice in the state government, you must send him to the Vidhan Sabha as well.

Bhajan Lal received plaudits from CM Khattar, who referred to Adampur as the late leader’s “karmbhoomi”. He also praised Kuldeep Bishnoi, calling him a “courageous leader,” and claimed that even when serving in the Congress, Bishnoi reached out to others for projects pertaining to his constituency. The Adampur byelection was necessary as a result of Kuldeep’s switch from the Congress to the BJP.

The Congress received 67 seats in the Assembly elections, but Hooda refused to let Bhajan Lal (a non-Jat) to become CM in 2005, urging voters to “deliver a final blow” to the Congress with the bypoll results. Khattar continued, “The BJP is one party that never engages in caste politics. “I declared ‘Haryana Ek, Haryanvi Ek’ when I took the oath of office as chief minister in 2014. We have never ignored a constituency anywhere in the state, even if our party did not win from that location. The state has seen holistic growth.







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