There is a catch when Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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There is a catch when Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean to record a message for a patient who was towards the end of his life.

Hollywood legend Johnny Depp reverted to his Captain Jack Sparrow identity while expressing his sincere support for a dying admirer. The 59-year-old dressed up as the figure, according to, to show a terminally ill 11-year-old boy support as he battles a heart condition. Pirates of the Caribbean fan Kori Parkin-Stovell suffered two unsuccessful heart transplants before choosing against a third. He is currently getting palliative care, and his family is unsure of his prognosis.

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Depp unexpectedly called the YouTuber and left him a video message, saying, “I wish you the best of luck, I’m your number one fan Captain Kori, all my respect and love.” Johnny was ready to help Kori in his effort to gain more YouTube channel subscribers.

He added in a video posted on Kori’s YouTube: “I believe Captain Kori is a YouTube channel king, or soon will be.I’m attempting to say that I’ll be glad to subscribe to your YouTube channel and that I’ll urge all of my friends to do the same.

He said, “I will be there watching every moment and watching moments with you.” Depp engaged the child in a video call while pretending to be on a pirate ship. Kori donned his very own pirate cap for the occasion, which was well-liked by Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny also “knighted” Kori using Captain Jack’s sword.

Kori uploaded the first half of the chat on his YouTube channel, but he still needs 200,000 subscribers to reveal the second half.He currently has a staggering 179,000 subscribers. Even though the organ was rejected and Kori had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, he received his first heart transplant in March 2018. After a challenging surgery, he underwent a second transplant in January of last year, but his body rejected the heart.








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