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The World has stopped, rediscover yourself

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I was sitting in my hostel room corridor with my laptop’s screen light reflecting on my face, working on my 2nd semesters’ final projects, a news flash popped up in the bottom of my screen telling that there is going to a lockdown for the entire nation as the spread of the virus was increasing. Little did I know that all of us were going to be trapped at home for 6 months now. What have I done this whole 6 months? Well, it’s one hell of an adrenaline charge. I was very happy to head back home to my family, to my bed, and to the home food.

lockdown story

The first few days of the lockdown was amazing because everything enlightened me. I was a hosteller for 9 months, away from home, living in with the girls, eating the mediocre mess food but of course fun, then and there. So, going back home was very relieving. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel responsible about washing my clothes or cleaning my wardrobe. I was home and that was the best feeling ever. I spent all the days with my computer binge-watching movies and TV shows, brunching all the way in, staying up late at night with the same dirty clothes for 4 days straight. But the weird fact is, I didn’t feel a thing about it. I was comfortable being dirty and ugly. Simultaneously, the Covid-19 cases were peaking at alarming rates and the Government completely shut the nation down. People were losing their loved ones but there was nothing we could do about it. And that was when one of my friends decided to do something as “media students.” We gathered people and came up with a short film named “Maatram Ondray Maarathathu” talking about the current pandemic and it went amazingly well. Family and friends loved it and appreciated us. It was just something that we dedicated to society.

The short film being the inspiration, I decided to spend the entire quarantine with a productive schedule. I wanted to work on editing and writing.

Day 1: I woke up early i.e., 10 AM and I opened Premiere Pro, saw a few tutorial videos, and managed to learn the cuts.

Day 2: 12 PM, still in bed. I thought it’s almost half a day, so let’s go with the schedule right from tomorrow.

The next day: I was kilometers away from my laptop, drool sleeping and that is when I officially gave up with my schedule.


In the latter days, I came up with a couple of skincare and hair care regimens and I was pretty consistent in that, I still am. Started experimenting baking but it was all a flop job. Cooking on the other hand, I was good at it, at least my family told me so. I did a few dishes in paneer, chicken, learned how to boil rice, made some good coffees in the mornings, amongst all this I pitied my family because they were the only bait I’ve had for my cooking. And I included myself in mobile photography. Rooftops were the new outdoors during the period, so I’d grab my mother to the terrace and we’d walk, listen to some Tamil retro, gaze at the sunsets, sing songs, do a few stretches and breathe fresh air. Day by day we kept doing the same and day by day we kept hearing the bad news of people dying. It was very unfortunate. The worst thing is, the situation is completely out of our hands, it is solely our own duty to take care of ourselves, being cautious about each step we take.


Sri Subiksha S

Sri Subiksha S

My point here is and what you should understand through this writing is that you are not alone, none of us are. We’re all in this together, it is highly advisable to stay indoors the majority of the time. And people around you might say, “be productive, use this time, do something about your life, get a job, make your life right personally and professionally”, if you had taken up their advice and if you are trying to work on it but you find yourself not keeping it up, IT’S OKAY! There will be people who are Vetal to your Vicky, always in the back, taunting, and annoying. If you had planned the entire quarantine to be useful but you couldn’t follow it just as me, it’s completely okay. We’ve still got all the time in the world, after all the world has stopped, rediscover yourself. Watch that movie you always wanted to watch, do your own mani-pedis, love yourself, and embrace yourself.


Lockdown story by  Sri Subiksha S