The “Varisu” trailer from Vijay falls short of Ajith’s “Thunivu” trailer records.

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The “Varisu” trailer from Vijay falls short of Ajith’s “Thunivu” trailer records.

For the occasion of Pongal, Vijay’s “Varisu” and Ajith’s “Thunivu” are scheduled for release on January 11. The public will witness the competition between two top heroes at the box office.

Recently, Vijay’s “Varisu” trailer was released, but it was unable to surpass the success of Ajith’s “Thunivu” video. The “Thunivu” trailer, which was uploaded on New Year’s Eve, received 1.1 million likes and 25 million updated views in 24 hours on the video streaming service.

The “Varisu” trailer by Vijay, which was uploaded on January 4 evening, has received 1.8 million likes in one day and 23 million updated views.

Varisu vs Thunivu Box Office Clash: Thalapathy Vijay Breaks Silence on  Facing Thala Ajith on Pongal 2023 | Report Wire

This Pongal, the box office war will also be huge as Ajith and Vijay square off against one another for the first time in eight years. Both “Varisu” and “Thunivu” have had a high in their online and offline promotions, and Tamil Nadu audiences can anticipate to see both movies on similar numbers of screens.

Even though both movies are of a different genre, the comparison of the box office earnings of Vijay and Ajith’s movies will be explosive from one to the next.

On January 10, “Varisu” and “Thunivu” will have their international premieres, with “Vijay” taking the lead in terms of the number of tickets sold for premiere performances nationwide. The FDFS timing for both movies in Tamil Nadu has not yet been determined, but the screenings are scheduled to begin at 1 AM on January 11, a working day.









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