The Tamil Nadu government has lifted the prohibition on the ‘Pattina Pravesam’ rite.

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Pattina Pravesam

On Sunday, the DMK administration in Tamil Nadu reversed its ruling prohibiting the Dharumapuram Adheenam from performing the ‘Pattina Pravesam’ rite.

On May 22, worshippers will carry the seer of the Dharmapuram Adheenam in a palanquin in a custom known as ‘Pattina Pravesam.’ The Mayiladuthurai district Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) issued the order today.

The state government’s restriction on transporting the Adheenam on a palanquin was protested by the AIADMK, the BJP, and the Right Wing opposition.

J. Balaji, the Mayiladuthurai Revenue Divisional Officer, had already issued a prohibition order for the May 22 event, calling the practice a “violation of human rights.”

The prohibition on the ‘Pattina Pravesam’ of the Dharmapuram mutt has sparked political debate in Tamil Nadu.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) warned the state government on Wednesday that if it does not reverse its decision prohibiting the rite, it will be in violation of the law.

“If the government rejects the ‘Pattina Pravesam’ of Dharmapuram Adheenam, we would defy the government and carry the ‘Adheenam’ in a palanquin ourselves. The government should rescind their order “K Annamalai, the Tamil Nadu BJP chairman, stated earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) has warned of anti-drug rallies.

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