The Prime Minister of Gujarat’s plea to newlyweds at a mass wedding

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The Prime Minister of Gujarat’s plea to newlyweds at a mass wedding

The Prime Minister advised the newlyweds to resist the pressure from their families and go for large wedding celebrations, telling them to save the money for their offspring in the process.

In the weeks leading up to the assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been making frequent trips to Gujarat. On Sunday, he attended a mass wedding ceremony in Bhavnagar where 551 girls who had lost their fathers were wed. Speaking during the event, dubbed “Papa ni Pari,” Prime Minister Modi emphasised the importance of giving back to the community and how it affected such projects.”Due to its unbounded power, community is revered as a form of God.When congratulating the couples for their future, Modi added, “A community holds the same power that God possesses.


In Gujarat, large weddings are become a popular custom. In the past, people would borrow money to throw a lavish party only for display purposes. However, they are now more informed. Currently, they are holding mass weddings, according to Modi.

Many times, after getting married at a mass marriage programme, couples organise a separate event because they feel pressured to by their families. Don’t do that, please. When he was Gujarat’s chief minister, he used to attend large wedding celebrations to support this cause and encourage others. He said, “If you have extra money, preserve it for the future of your children.” He urged the newlyweds to give back to society in whatever manner they could, such as by reducing food waste and segregation.

He spoke at a rally earlier that day in the Valsad district, his first appearance there following the publication of the election calendar.

Gujarat is set to hold two rounds of assembly elections in December. On December 8, there will be a vote count.







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