The Pakistani pacer Shaheen Afridi “Likes to Go For Wickets,” according to Sachin Tendulkar, who suggests a strategy to stop him.

The Pakistani pacer Shaheen Afridi “Likes to Go For Wickets,” according to Sachin Tendulkar, who suggests a strategy to stop him.

For the forthcoming T20 World Cup, batting legend Sachin Tendulkar gave some insightful suggestions on how to handle Pakistani pace phenom Shaheen Shah Afridi. Due to his ability to swing bowl, Shaheen has emerged as one of the top bowlers in recent years. He also regularly bowls above 140 kph, which scared many batsmen, but the top pacer missed the T20 World Cup due to a knee issue. Due to the fact that this competition will be his long-awaited return to competitive cricket, he will be closely watched in Australia.

Wasim Akram, probably the greatest left-arm fast bowler of all time, was a frequent opponent for Sachin Tendulkar while he was at the top of his game in limited overs cricket. The maestro did discuss his interactions with PTI.

When asked what he would have done if he had faced him, Tendulkar laughed and said, “I haven’t made up my mind as such because I know I won’t be facing him.” faced a bowler of Shaheen’s calibre during his playing days.”

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Shaheen is a Pakistani pacer who can beat batters both in the air and off the pitch, hence Tendulkar encouraged the team to play him inside the “V” formation.

“Shaheen is an attacking bowler who seeks out wickets. He raises the ball and swings it while stooping. He can outrun batters in the air and off the pitch thanks to his quickness.. Thus, the best course of action with him is to play straight and within the “V,” according to Tendulkar.

Many right-handed hitters, notably the current India captain Rohit Sharam, were challenged by Shaheen’s inswinging deliveries during the 2021 T20 WC.

Additionally, he has a strong short ball that can hurried batters and turn them into leg before contenders.

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The master technician Tendulkar also cautioned against interpreting a batter’s trigger movement—the initial reflex action—as a commitment to play the shot.

In his words, “Trigger movement is a preparation to play the ball and not commitment; if you are not committing to play the ball, it might be either on the front-foot or the back-foot, but it is a trigger movement and not commitment.”

“Because once you commit on the backfoot, coming on the front foot is impossible, and vice versa. Trigger movement is all about getting ready.

Every ball has some sort of movement, and as long as that movement does not constitute commitment, it is acceptable, Tendulkar said.

On October 23, India will play Pakistan in the opening match of the T20 World Cup at Melbourne Cricket Ground. India faced Pakistan twice earlier this year in the Asia Cup 2022, winning the first match but losing in the Super 12 round.



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