The future Vikram, Kaithi sequels and spinoffs, according to Lokesh Kanagaraj, would keep him occupied “for the next ten years.”

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The future Vikram, Kaithi sequels and spinoffs, according to Lokesh Kanagaraj, would keep him occupied “for the next ten years.”

Using characters from his own movies, including Kaithi and Vikram, filmmaker Lokesh Kanagaraj intends to expand his film universe. He claimed he is ready for the following decade when asked about the possibilities of producing further movies based on well-known characters as part of his film universe.

The Lokesh Cinematic Universe, sometimes known as LCU or just LCU, started with the film Vikram, which featured characters from Lokesh’s Kaithi. Following the enormous success of his Tamil film Kaithi, Lokesh became well-known.

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When asked about the other LCU instalments, Lokesh responded to Film Companion, “It’s going to be Vikram 2 and Kaithi 2. Probably also Rolex. Yes, a universe exists. Thus, you have the opportunity to work on a variety of films. Depending on the character you choose, you can create a prequel or sequel. I’m set for the next ten years.”

Karthi played a prisoner who was granted parole and was visiting his daughter in the movie Kaithi. But when he teams up with the police following a significant drug arrest, his life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a local criminal gang.

Vikram, starring Kamal Haasan, was Lokesh’s most recent film, and it became one of the biggest hits in Tamil cinema, grossing over 400 crore worldwide. In the movie, Kamal played a former spy who seeks revenge for the loss of his kid. Apart from Suriya as Rolex, Karthi’s role from Kaithi was featured in Vikram. In Kaithi 2, Suriya’s Rolex and Karthi will square off, and both actors are anticipated to appear in the Vikram sequel.

With actor Vijay, Lokesh is getting ready to start work on his upcoming, as of yet untitled Tamil production. In a few weeks, the premiere of the new movie is anticipated. It is expected to be another thrilling action movie.

His film with Vijay won’t be a part of LCU, despite recent rumours to the contrary. On Monday, he clarified it during the premiere of the Laththi teaser in Tamil. Lokesh told reporters present: “I can’t comment about the project right now. But I can guarantee that it won’t be a component of the cosmos.







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