The Basic Fundamental Right That All Indians Should know | Part 3

The Basic Fundamental Right That All Indians Should know. The Indians Have Many Right and laws to protect ourselves and live a dignified life. Indian constitution has provided several rights to protect their fundamental rights but unfortunately, most of the people in India are not aware of those rights.

Here are some of the laws and fundamental right that each and every citizen in India should know. 

1.  Automotive (Amendment) Bill, 2016,:- If you are fined for a crime (like riding without a helmet or any other reason) then you will not be fined for the same reason in the same day.

Automotive (Amendment) Bill,

2. Maximum Retail Price Act, 2014:- Any Shop keeper can’t charge more than the printed price of any commodity but a consumer has the right to bargain for less than the printed price of a commodity.

Limitation Act, 1963

3. Limitation Act, 1963:-  If your office does not pay you then you have the power to file an FIR against it within 3 years. But if you report after 3 years, you will not get anything for the due.

Limitation Act, 1963

4.  Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code:- If you are found involved in “obscene activity” at a public place, you can be imprisoned for 3 months. But in the absence of an exact definition of obscene activity police have always misused this act.

ection 294 of the Indian Penal

5.  Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956:- If somebody belongs to the Hindu religion and has a son or grandson then he can’t adopt a second child.

There must be a gap of at least 21 years between you (the adopter) and your adopted son.



6.  Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958, Section 14:- If you are living in Delhi then your landlord does not have the right to forcefully vacate your house without giving prior notice to you.

Delhi Rent Control Act,
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