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Teen arrested for sending rape threats to MS Dhonis daughter!

madhvan dhoni
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Teen arrested for sending rape threats to MS Dhonis daughter!


MS.Dhonis’ daughter is getting rape threats in the social media platform. And she is getting rape threats on the Instagram in Dhonis wife account, Sakshi Dhoni accounts a few days back.

Dhoni’s daughter has been getting threats on Instagram after the IPL 2020 match between KKR and CSK cricket teams.

MS.Dhoni is the captain of the Chennai super kings(csk) Indian cricket team in the ongoing Indian premier league (IPLl)2020 season.

For this incident, actor Madhavan is furious at the online threats that were written against cricketer MS Dhoni’s six-year-old daughter Ziva.



Madhavan says that he wants the culprits to give strict punishments against the culprits. So that such harassment can be stopped in the future.

After the report to the police by MS Dhoni, police have taken immediate and severe actions after filing the case. Now the culprit has been caught by the police.

And the police had now revealed the information that he is, the class 12 student from Namna Kapaya village was detained for questioning in connection with a disgusting three message posted on the Instagram account of Dhoni wife Sakshi Dhoni a few days back; Kutch (west) superintendent of police Saurabh Singh told reporters.



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