Teaser for Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama: Actor sobs as he tells Sohael Kathuriya, “It’s finished,” before the wedding

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Teaser for Hansika's Love Shaadi Drama:

Teaser for Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama: Actor sobs as he tells Sohael Kathuriya, “It’s finished,” before the wedding

Hansika Motwani talks about having second thoughts prior to her wedding to Sohael Kathuriya in the teaser for her Love Shaadi Drama.

Hansika Motwani has released the teaser for her wedding programme, Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama, which will give her fans a look at her opulent wedding to Sohael Kathuriya in Jaipur’s Mandota Fort and Palace in December of last year, as well as all that happened behind the scenes. The teaser shows Hansika discussing with her mother how she was instructed not to inquire about the past of others. Because Sohael had previously been married to Hansika’s friend, she received a lot of abuse for “taking” her friend’s husband.

The teaser of Hansika's Love Shaadi Drama is out now.

Hansika shared the preview with the following caption on Instagram: “Lots of Love, Lots of Happiness, and a little Drama… Only on @disneyplushotstar will the #HotstarSpecials #HansikasLoveShaadiDrama begin streaming on February 10th.

Hansika is seen dancing in a white floral kurta-salwar as the film opens with breathtaking shots of the Mandota Fort and Palace. There are snippets of her and Sohael drinking together and taking photos for their pre-wedding picture session. She may be heard, “True love, a beautiful wedding—everything seemed ideal; nothing could possibly go wrong, right? In another clip, Hansika, who is wearing a purple pantsuit, says of the wedding, “It was very painful for me.”

In another scene, Hansika is heard saying to her mother, “You always taught me, ‘don’t look at anyone’s background.'” This refers to the fact that she wasn’t sure about getting married. Her mother assures her, “I’m always here for you.” You’re fine with me, she responds, and I’m fine. Period.” In another scene, Hansika is seen yelling at Sohael, “Bas na, khatam, bas” (That’s it, it’s over).

“Maybe we get answers to the so called phrase ‘Stolen friend’s husband’,” a fan wrote in response to the trailer for the show. People who misinterpreted Hansu will soon learn about the wedding, another person wrote. But a lot needed one.” Another supporter wrote, “Haters will learn about Hansika’s marriage! We appreciate you for who you are, Hansu. It’s going to be a superhit, according to another comment.

The show, according to ANI, will depict everything that occurred when Hansika revealed her intention to wed Sohael. An army of wedding planners, designers, and families will compete against one another to organise a fairy tale wedding in just six weeks.








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