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Suicide! Why is it so famous than anyone / anything in this world?!

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Help is always available at 



World Suicide Prevention Day


 Do you know, why is Suicide so famous than anyone/anything in this world?

During 2012, 80% of literate killed themselves, the number is more than the national average of literate in our country (74%). This means the literate are not able to make thoughtful and educated decisions. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know, the feel takes over. Their situation and the mental illness is also one of the reasons that is not allowing them to be on sound mind.

When we start to think about suicide we tend to avoid all the good things around us. We focus only on the negative things happening around us. The thought of suicide, will stop us from thinking about the love and care from our close ones. 

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When the suicidal thoughts strike, we have to think would there be anyone in this world beyond my circle who would know that I lived?!  

We have got a great opportunity to live with 6 senses and we as humans can change the world! What did I do as a human to this world? a small change in our country? A small change in our community? At least a small change at the place where we live?  Did I create any change to this society is the question that stopped me. I hope these questions will help you too to continue with your life, with an aim to change. 

Suicide is never an option!! Let’s help each other.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline