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Special prayers held for Kamala Harris at a village in Tamilnadu!

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Kamala Harris, 55, was born to an Indian mother and Jamaican father. The United States of America votes today to choose their President. Ms. Kamala is a nominee for the Vice Presidential candidate of the democratic party. Special prayers were  held for Kamala Harris at a temple in her ancestral village.

Kamala Harris
Ms. Kamala Harris’s grandfather, PV Gopalan, belonged from Thulasendrapuram village, Tamilnadu. Earlier Ms. Kamala had shared the influence of her grandfather who was a civil servant who served in India as well as abroad.

Kamala Harris

Earlier this morning people were seen lining up at Sri Dharmasastha Temple, which is 390km from Chennai to pray for Kamala Harris’s victory. The temple’s priest also stated that Kamala’s grandfather was staying in Agraham  (Hindu quarters) 70 years ago. Even now Kamala’s relatives would send donations for the temple. Villagers have been lining up and praying and giving best wishes to her. The priest also wishes Kamala with his blessings and prayers.


Kamala Harris

Earlier Dr. Sarala Gopalan has said that the temple god is their family’s deity. She also states that, if there is a special occasion in the family, they visit the temple. Dr. Sarala  said that she is aware of the prayers being held for her niece, Kamala. She wishes to be a part but she couldn’t because of COVID.


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