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Special Dishes to enjoy during Holi, India’s Festival of Colors!

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While Holi’s all about colors, like every other festival in India, the celebrations are unsatisfactory without some mouthwatering food that will awaken your senses and keep your mood up. In different parts of India, different delicacies are prepared to bring great zeal and enthusiasm to the festival. Here are some of the dishes one should not miss:

1. Thandai – This is a traditional Holi drink. A concoction of milk, dry fruit and saffron is usually served to guests during the Holi season. This Rajasthan specialty is a must-have while you’re drenching in different colors. It comes in different flavors also like Rose Thandai, Mango Thandai and Bhang Thandai and many more.


2. Dahi Vada – It is a popular chaat and is a must serve at Holi. It consists of urad dal vadas coated in a sweet, thick curd and sprinkled with spices and served with tamarind chutney and coriander chutney. It is best enjoyed when served chilled.

Dahi vada

3. Badam Kulfi – It is a popular Indian ice-cream. This kulfi is known as the classic Indian version, and has been the widely loved desserts for decades. You’re going to love this Badam Kulfi completely, if you don’t believe, then you’re going to have to try this delicious sweet treat.


4. Gujia– Gujiya is a delicious sweet dumpling made with suji or maida and stuffed with a mixture of sweetened khoya and dried fruits specially prepared during Holi. You can add a twist in it anytime, make the filling with chocolate for your kids or add coconut filling. It is necessary to have this delectable sweet dish.


5. Puran Poli – It is a famous Maharashtrian dish. This is a sweet flatbread which is soft and melts in your mouth and should certainly be included in your Holi dessert list. The filling is made of sweet lentils. Not everybody knows about this dessert but it is a Holi special!

puran poli

6. Malpua – Malpua is a Pancake in India! It is made with a coconut batter, crushed banana, flour and milk, and finally served with sugar syrup, cardamom is used for flavor. While Malpua is popular as a sweet dish throughout the Indian subcontinent, it also serves as a special sweet at festivals. Malpuas is highly sweet when dipped in aromatized sugar syrup.


7. Ghevar – It is a famous Rajasthani dish, specially made during holi, it is made with flour soaked in sugar syrup. The crispy fried disc are soaked in the sugar and Garnished with rich Nuts and silver leaf to make it rich.


Have a colorful and flavorful Holi !