Best Sambar in Chennai City

South India is famous for its indulgent, light, and tasty breakfasts.


Best sambar in Chennai 

 1.Idli Express –Though it serves meals as well, it is more famous for its scrumptious breakfasts, which are available throughout the day. It serves the best sambar. They use homemade masalas and are very keen to give you the home-cooked style food.

 2.Mathsya–This place serves scrumptious sambhar. It has many variants of sambhar to choose from, and each of them has a distinctly notable flavor. The sambar is thick and shall fill you with the perfect taste.



 3.Woodlands –  It is a small cozy place that serves the best sambar. The hot sambar served along with mouth-melting idlis steal the show. One keeps visiting this place to have the scrumptious  sambar.

 4.Welcome Hotel – There is something extraordinary about this place, Every time you cross this restaurant, the smell of sambar pulls you in from the main road. Idly sambar is hands down the most common dish you see there as there are a lot of people savoring it. It is pocket-friendly too.

 5.Rathna Café – The brand expanded inside and outside of Chennai. The food served is exemplary. The sambar served here is legendary. They serve copious amounts of sambar to you, but you cannot just have enough of it. It is called Sambar lover’s paradise.




 6.Annalakshmi Restaurant –  It is a temple themed veg restaurant where you get the sambar of your life. The sambar is so delicious that you will never get enough of it. This is a perfect location for light and healthy food.

 7.Thaligai Restaurant – This place is heaven on earth for sambar fans. It serves food without onion and garlic. You could never imagine the sambar could still taste heavenly without onion garlic, but this place makes it possible. You shall leave this place with a happy stomach.

 8.Grand Sweets and Snacks – It is an amazing and authentic restaurant serving south Indian delicacies, sweets, and other dry treats! But among its other beautiful dishes, its sambar is delectable.



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