Sivakarthikeyan discusses his toughest struggle while filming ‘Doctor’


Sivakarthikeyan discusses his toughest struggle while filming ‘Doctor’

In his forthcoming film, ‘Doctor,’ Sivakarthikeyan will star. Siva recently spoke with Indian Express on why he became a producer for the show ‘Doctor,’ which has been generating a lot of hype. Director Nelson Dilipkumar has been a very dear friend of mine from my days on television,” Siva said. He supervised the show in which I performed when I began my television career in 2007. I created this video because I have faith in him.


Siva discussed how difficult it was for him to play a character who does not exhibit emotion. The most challenging thing for me was to perform without expressing emotions.” My character in the film never emotes. He doesn’t say anything. He is a firm believer in taking action. In fact, I am a more expressive person,” Siva explained. The actor also discussed foregoing an OTT release for ‘Doctor.’ “We waited after the first wave of Covid-19 because we planned to go for a theatrical release after it was over,” he explained. However, when the second wave arrived, we were a bit concerned about the film’s release.”

“I created this movie on a first-copy basis and delivered it to KJR Studios,” Siva said. They make all business decisions. So I instructed them to do whatever they thought was proper. But, fortunately, the second wave was there for a shorter period of time, and as the situation became clearer, we decided to go with a theatrical release.” Sivakarthikeyan’s ‘Doctor’ has been renamed ‘Varun Doctor’ in Telugu, and it will be released on October 9.


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