SIN &TONIC, Chennai’s 1st Gin Based Restobar.


SIN &TONIC, Chennai’s 1st Gin Based Restobar

Chennai has a new landmark that is sure to stir up the nightlife of the city! If you’re a party animal, be sure to mark the date, as the new resto-bar ‘SIN & Tonic’ opened its gates to public on Thursday, March 25th!


With a space of more than 10,000 sq.ft, Sin & Tonic is located in the prime area of T-Nagar. There is lots of drama that the interiors have to offer with colours like jet black, gold and red! But if you’re not in the mood for drama, Sin & Tonic has you covered with the different experience zones that cater to all moods which definitely call for unique experiences every time you visit the place!



‘SIN & Tonic’ as the name suggests specialized in extensive styles of house botanical spirits & low-calorie in-house tonics. The experts from their team have curated a wide range of classic cocktails which will take through the history and evolution of beverage through ages. A glass of sin Gin never hurt anybody!


Also, all you food lovers can be sure that SIN & Tonic has some amazing food to offer! The food menu with different cuisines will leave you coming back for more. You can be assured that the service by waiters and bartenders will be best while following rules as per COVID-19’s Government regulations.

All in all, from the ambiance to food to most importantly, the drinks, Sin & Tonic has it all. A place so versatile is sure to attract boomers, millennials, and even the Gen Z crowd.

Let the Sin Begin.




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