Simple breakfast with ragi, Gluten free and vegan.

whole Ragi, millet


Ragi is a widely grown plant in Asia and Africa. It is one of the most produced crops in India, as it needs very less water to grow and also there is no risk of pests. Ragi is also a Power house of nutrition. It contains 5-8% protein, 65-75% carbohydrates, 2.5-3.5% minerals, 15-20% dietary fiber, etc. Ragi mainly contains unsaturated fat, the low fat content is an added advantage for those who intake ragi in their diet plans.

   This millet is very friendly to people who are allergic to gluten as this is gluten free. Do you have indigestion trouble? I suggest you add ragi in your diet. The non-acid forming tendency of ragi makes it easier to digest. 

   Before getting into the health benefits let’s check out how to make a simple vegan dish out of ragi powder. We are going to see how to make Ragi Roti. Roti is a dish which needs very minimal ingredients. 


Ragi Powder- ½ Cup

Water- ½ Cup

Salt- ½ Spoon

Ragi powder- ¼ Cup for dusting 


Heat ½ cup of water. Add Ragi powder when the water is hot(within 2 minutes of heating the water). Switch off the stove and mix the flour until the water and flour is mixed well, then knead the flour until the dough becomes non-sticky and soft. The dough must get into the consistency of chapati/roti dough. The hot water will cook the ragi powder. After getting the right consistency, apply little oil on the prepared flour, so that flour won’t dry. 

Make lemon sized balls from the dough, probably you’ll get 4 balls from ½ cup of ragi powder. Then, start rolling the balls using a rolling pin, just like making a wheat roti. After flattening them, heat the tawa. The tawa must be hot before cooking, make sure the tawa is not smoking hot.  Place the flattened ragi dough on the centre of the tawa, wait until you see bubbles on the surface, flip the ragi roti, when the bubble forms on the other side too. Press the ragi roti with a soft cloth. The light brown spots on the ragi roti indicates that it is cooked.

You can add half a spoon of cooking oil around the roti, if you want. That’s it, Ragi roti is ready to serve. Ragi roti can be served with tomato chutney, Spicy Tomato pickle, Aloo masala, spicy mushroom masala, etc.


  • Ragi is the natural source of calcium. If your kid hates milk, ragi is the best way to strengthen your kid with calcium.
  • Consuming Ragi regularly is good for bone health.
  • It contains more fibre than rice or wheat. Thus it helps in controlling blood sugar level and also helps in diabetics.
  • Ragi helps to recover from Anemia, as it is a great source of iron. 
  • Intake of ragi is good for new mothers and senior citizens due to its richness in calcium and iron.

Ragi can also be used to make dosa, idli, ladoo, puttu (Steamed Ragi), Murukku, Porridge, Smoothie, etc.


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