Shraddha’s pals said she wanted to leave Aftab “but couldn’t” after his murder in Delhi.

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Shraddha’s pals said she wanted to leave Aftab “but couldn’t” after his murder in Delhi.

Aftab Poonawala, the defendant, admitted to the Delhi Police during questioning that he and Shraddha Walkar fought after she pressured him to get married and accused him of having an affair. During the altercation, he lost his cool and sat on her chest, strangling her.

Delhi Police have contacted a common acquaintance of Aftab Poonawala, who is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar and dismembering her body into at least 35 pieces before disposing of it. When the buddy, Lakshman Nadar, informed Shraddha’s father that he hadn’t spoken to her in about three months, it raised red flags for her family.

She wanted to leave Aftab but..." Shraddha's friends narrate their side of  story
After receiving Nadar’s message, Shraddha’s family attempted to contact her but was unable. They then looked for any updates on her social media accounts but found none for more than two months. The father filed a complaint about this with the Mumbai Police, which was then transferred to Delhi.

In 2019, the year Shraddha met Aftab on a dating app, she worked at a call centre with Nadar, who according to media reports, is a close friend of hers. Following that, the pair shared a job at a store that sold apparel and workout gear.

Nadar claims that the couple’s relatives were against their union. Aftab and Shraddha shared a rental home in Naigon East for about two years at this time.

According to Nadar, the pair frequently quarrelled. In 2020, during one such confrontation, her friends decided against reporting Aftab to the police.

“In a WhatsApp message, Shraddha threatened to have Aftab kill her if I didn’t remove her out of her residence. Shraddha advised us against reporting him to the police, so we cautioned him instead. We complied with her request and left “said Nadar.

The pair was at first content, according to Rajat Shukla and Nadar, two other friends.

Shraddha murder case Aftab used to beat her she wanted to end relationship says  friend Delhi crime latest news | Shraddha News – India TV

Speaking to news agency ANI, Rajat said that Shraddha wanted to leave him but “couldn’t do so” before the fighting started. “When I learned that my friend had been killed, I was deeply shocked. She revealed to us in 2019 that she had been dating since 2018. At first, the couple coexisted nicely, but Shraddha soon began to accuse Aftab of beating her. She tried to depart but was unable to.

He added that Shraddha’s life had “turned like hell” and had became “extremely terrible.” After they went to Delhi, Rajat claimed that communication with Aftab and Shraddha had all but stopped.

Nadar claimed he last spoke to Shraddha in May and was “worried” when he tried to get in touch with her in July and August but received no response to his calls or messages.

Aftab and Shraddha rented a two-bedroom apartment in Chhattarpur after arriving in the capital, and their neighbours expressed their surprise to Hindustan Times.

Aftab admitted to having a disagreement on May 18 when being questioned by police; Shraddha had accused him of having an affair and pressured him to get married. He stated that he choked her after getting angry.

He claimed to have dismembered her body with a mini-saw (which has not yet been located) and purchased a refrigerator to house those fragments. He left his house late every night for the next two weeks to scatter portions over the city’s surrounding forests.

Additionally, he claimed to have Googled instructions for cleaning blood and human anatomy as well as recommendations for disposing of bodies from the well-known American crime thriller “Dexter.”

At least 10 samples that may be human remains were found when Delhi Police escorted Aftab to one of the locations where he dumped parts of Shraddha’s body earlier on Tuesday; these samples have been sent for forensic processing, according to police sources. Additionally, they claimed that the defendant had thrown Shraddha’s phone and had even maintained a fake Instagram account for her up until June.

The death penalty for Aftab has been demanded by Vikash Walkar, Shraddha’s father.





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