Sarika, Kamal Haasan’s ex-wife, was homeless after their divorce,

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Sarika, Kamal Haasan’s ex-wife, was homeless after their divorce,

Sarika was referred to be the “other lady” in the lives of Kamal Haasan and Vani Ganapathy, his first wife. The veteran actor was drawn to Sarika on the sets of their movies since his marriage to Vani was failing at the time. Even though he finally left his wife, the process was arduous and terrible for all three of them. Kamal Haasan is well-known for saying he never believed in the idea of marriage in a number of previous interviews.

In 2000, Kamal also acknowledged that he and Sarika had attempted to break up several times because he was a married man, but fate had other ideas. In 1988, Sarika married the Ek Duuje Ke Liye actor, giving birth to two daughters, Shruti and Akshara Haasan. But in 2002, they decided to get a divorce.

Sarika was defenceless, broken, and exposed following the divorce, yet she made the decision to rebuild her life from scratch. Sarika, a well-known Indian actress and costume designer, discussed how she relaunched her life and profession at the age of 21 following her divorce from Kamal Haasan, a celebrity, in an old interview with Simi Garewal. Sarika continued, saying that she had little when she left their house and needed just Rs. 60 to get by. Her words are:


Unmarried' Sarika about being pregnant with 'married' Kamal Haasan's baby:  He had the right to know I was carrying his child (Throwback) - IBTimes  India

“I just took a step that was beneficial to both my mum and me. You have to finish it. You don’t just make these kinds of judgements overnight; they take time. I drove away with my vehicle and Rs. 60. I managed. It was incredibly difficult because I had to worry about more than just where I would get food; I also had to make sure that I kept up with my friends by travelling to their houses, taking my baths there, and spending the nights sleeping in my vehicle.

Sarika is a powerful woman, as she once again demonstrated by refusing to ask Kamal for alimony payments. She had no fear when she walked out of her house. She had to work very hard to establish herself in the business, but she eventually succeeded and won the 2005 National Film Award for Best Actress for the movie Parzania. She had stated in the previous interview:

“The strength only arrives when you truly need to accomplish something. When it happens, you don’t strive to demonstrate your fortitude by getting through it; you simply do. There isn’t time to consider the procedure. I kept it a secret.

Kamal Haasan was questioned by Simi Garewal about why he failed to assist Sarika while she was homeless following their divorce. In response, he had stated that he was unaware of Sarika’s financial situation. Kamal also said that Sarika considered his attempts to help him offensive. He’d stated:

“You would be surprised to learn that despite being a celebrity on the sets, relatively few people were aware of her residence. I was surprised to see some sympathy and appreciation when I got to know her more. That sympathy was not what she desired. She found it quite offensive when I inquired about her need for assistance. Because any cash participation would make it vulgar, she would become outraged. I respected her for that because it was pride.





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