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Samantha’s Sa-aki – A New journey

Read Carefully


Samantha Akkineni is a leading actress in South Indian Cinema. She recently opened up about her dream project and its coming soon.

She recently posted on Instagram saying,

 “Saaki is finally here! Saaki has been a dream of mine, and my baby for many months. It is a reflection of my love for fashion and my journey in life.



Before I even started my acting career, I was enamoured by fashionable people and styles in magazines. I remember when I was in college, there was no way that I could afford a designer outfit. Since I started acting, I’ve had the honour of wearing clothes designed by talented designers. Many years later, I would wear an outfit with my signature on it. This has been an emotional journey. I’ve come this far only with the love that all of you have showered me with.

I want to share this joy with all of you. Saaki is my way of building our friendship, sharing my life, and creating moments with you that will be special and just ours.

We’re launching soon and I hope all of you love it.

Stay tuned!”

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