Sai Pallavi explains after her previous comments sparked outrage: “I shall think twice before speaking.”

Sai Pallavi explains after her previous comments sparked outrage: “I shall think twice before speaking.”

On social media, reactions to Sai Pallavi’s latest comments and comparison of the Kashmiri exodus to cow vigilantism were divided. In an interview with the Telugu station Great Andhra, the actress expressed her thoughts on the film The Kashmir Files, sparking a controversy. The Virata Parvam actress has offered an apology after her latest remark sparked outrage.

Sai Pallavi claims in an Instagram video that she will think twice before sharing her mind. “This is the first time I’ve contacted everyone to clarify things. I’ll think twice before speaking my mind because I’m afraid my comments may be misconstrued “Pallavi stated in a video clarification following the uproar.

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“After watching the Kashmir files, I was disturbed. I would never dismiss a catastrophe like the genocide or the generations of individuals afflicted by it. Having said that, I will never be able to accept a mob lynching that occurred during Covid times. I recall being rattled for days after viewing the video. I think that all forms of violence are bad, and that violence in the name of any religion is a major sin “In the video, she says

For the uninitiated, Sai Pallavi was asked to pick sides and whether she supports the left or right in her personal life during a media interview for her film Virata Parvam.

She stated, “I don’t take sides,” and went on to say, “The Kashmir Files documented the assassination of Kashmiri Pandits at the time. If the matter is viewed as a religious dispute, a Muslim driver delivering cows was recently attacked and made to shout ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ So, what’s the distinction between these two incidents? We have to be nice people. We will not harm others if we are good. To answer your question, if you are not a good human being, justice will not be served by either the right or the left. I’m completely unbiased.”




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Sai Pallavi, who is currently promoting her next film Virata Parvam, has sparked controversy and received backlash from social media users.


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