Saani Kaayidham: Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghavan’s outstanding performances

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Saani Kaayidham

Saani Kaayidham: Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghavan’s outstanding performances

There are films that leave an impression on you, and then there are films like Saani Kaayidham that stay with you. What may happen when a lovely family is destroyed due of the caste, head weight, pride, and ego of males in a hamlet is inconceivable and incredible. But, has justice been done? Saani Kaayidham, starring Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghavan, bypassed the theatres and is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The film is divided into three segments that depict distinct stages of the tale, which begins with Sangayya (Selvaraghavan) and Ponni (Keerthy Suresh) rushing to kill a woman and burn her to ashes. In the next scene, Maari (Kanna Ravi) is involved in a brawl with coworkers and loses his job. When he gets home, his wife Ponni begs him to be a little more responsible and apologise to his supervisor in order to regain his job. Instead of accepting Maari’s apologies, the mill owner starts a filthy brawl that leads to one of the film’s most surprising turns.

Keerthy Suresh is the first person who deserves to be recognised for her great performance in this film. She has performed the finest performance in her career and terrifies you with her presence on the screen. Keerthy will make you fall in love with her in a de-glam, raw, and rustic avatar, and of course, with her incredible skill. Selvaraghavan, who portrays Ponni’s brother, deserves a medal for his ability to bring out the best in Ponni. Without a doubt, he nailed his performance. With his performance, he steals the show. There are several people in the film that have a lot to contribute to each moment, and they have all given their all.


Arun Matheswaran directed Saani Kaayidham, and via this film, he has made it abundantly evident that women are more powerful than the world believes. When a woman’s life is wrecked by a bunch of guys who believe they are superior to her, she teaches them their place, and the vengeance she has for them is something the rest of the world cannot believe or bear. That is the essence of Saani Kaayidham.

The level of violence in this picture is enormous, but it is also the film’s soul, as it depicts the suffering Ponni and Sangayya are experiencing and paying for what they shouldn’t have. It is also about the link between siblings and why they need each other.

Overall, this film is worth seeing because of the key actors’ performances and, of course, because it tells a narrative that has to be told.



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