Roja Selvamani, an actress turned politician, Speaks Out Against Copying and Trolling

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Roja Selvamani, an actress turned politician, Speaks Out Against Copying and Trolling

Roja Selvamani, an actress and minister for the state of Andhra Pradesh, claims that the bogus news that is being published about her and her family is causing her a lot of anguish. She was a prominent actress in Tamil and Telugu films in the 1990s before joining the Telugu Desam Party in 1999. She currently holds the positions of state women’s president of the YSR Congress Party and Andhra Pradesh’s Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Youth Advancement.

Roja Selvamani said that matter how busy she is with her career,

Roja Selvamani recently spoke up about how the trolling has affected her and her family in an interview with a media portal. However, like many other politicians, she has also been the target of trolling and mocking on social media.”I have faced many challenges in both my political and film careers.But the recent defamation of me and my family on social media hurts. Even giving my brother a birthday kiss was made to appear quite disrespectfully and vulgarly on social media, she claimed.

No matter how busy she is with her profession, Roja Selvamani stated she always puts her family first. He asserted that she frequently did not have enough time to cook meals, even for her children, and that in the past, her family life had been difficult owing to the political situation. Roja, however, asserted that she was fortunate enough to feed and look after the children throughout the Corona lockdown.

She also mentioned how trolls have been exploiting her daughter’s images, transforming them in an offensive fashion, and presenting them in an obscenity. She claimed that her daughter was quite upset by it. When her daughter questioned whether or not we needed this, Roja said she was devastated. However, she has warned her daughter that people in the spotlight frequently deal with these issues and that obsessing over them will prevent one from moving forward.







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