Right To Freedom Of Religion: Freedom to profess and practice religion | Article 25 | Citizens Awake.

article 25
Article 25 Freedom to profess and practice religion.
Right To Freedom Of Religion
Article 25 of the Constitution Guarantees Freedom of Religion to all Persons in India. it Provides that all Persons in India, Subject to Public order, Morality, Health, and Other Provisions are equally entitled to freedom of conscience. Have the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion. 
It Further Provides That this Article shall not affect any existing law and shall not prevent the state from making any law relating,
1.Regulations or restriction of any economic, financial, political, or any secular activity, associated with religious practice. 
2. providing social welfare and reform.
3. opening of Hindu religious institutions of public character for all the classes and sections of the Hindus. 
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