Review on Connect: Nayanthara’s movie delivers a pure scary sensation

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Review on Connect: Nayanthara’s movie delivers a pure scary sensation

With his distinctive voice and approach, Ashwin Saravanan is quickly establishing himself as one of the most interesting filmmakers. He teams up with Nayanthara once again for his most recent project, Connect, after earning a name for himself with movies like Maya and Game Over. Unquestionably, the movie ranks among the best horror movies produced in Tamil. Connect, in contrast to most horror movies, doesn’t depend heavily on jump scares but is adamant on providing a pure horror experience. The movie is absolutely unique in that it creates thrills without relying on the typical horror clichés.


Connect movie review: Nayanthara's horror thriller is technically slick,  but marred by regular narrative style

The movie begins in a coastal shack where we meet a lovely family. Hannah Nafisa’s (Haniya Nafisa’s) teenage daughter Anna has a strong passion for music and plans to study it at Trinity College of London. Anna’s curiosity is encouraged by her father (Vinay), who also encourages her to pursue her goals. Nayanthara, the mother, feels she must finish her formal schooling before leaving, nevertheless. Twenty-four hours prior to the national lockdown, the full discussion is taking place. The lockdown is announced in the following scene with the widely used Covid-19. For the next 21 days, Nayanthara and her daughter must be together.The mother and daughter test positive for the virus a few days into the lockdown, and they start to quarantine themselves. But as the daughter begins to exhibit strange symptoms, her grandfather (Sathyaraj), who is in regular contact with his daughter via video conversations, becomes concerned that something is wrong. When they find out that Anna is possessed, their worst fears are realised, and Nayanthara is left to handle the matter by herself.

As a horror movie, Connect never rushes to wow the audience with jump scares. Because the mood and tone are developed gradually, the whole experience is incredibly immersive. Connect is a distinctive horror movie in large part due of the music and imagery. Since the lockdown thriller takes place in a single area, all of the character interactions take place on screens. Because the camera wanders around the house, it nearly feels like you’re playing a first-person shooter game. The jump-scare moments are also really creative because to this method of cinematography.Sathyaraj tries to convince Nayanthara that her daughter is possessed in a fantastic scenario, but she is unconvinced. It’s one of the movie’s best moments. The majority of sequences are shot in low light, and the results are absolutely ground-breaking.

In Connect, Nayanthara gives one of her most sincere performances ever Haniya Nafisa, a debutante, steals the show with some difficult scenes in which she is possessed. She made an impressive debut with this. Vinay and Sathyaraj both make significant cameo appearances and excel in them. Anupam Kher excels in a brief but impactful cameo. Connect is an extraordinarily good cinematic experience thanks in large part to the music and cinematography.







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