Review of “Teacher”: Tonally erratic, rewarding pay-off

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Review of “Teacher”: Tonally erratic, rewarding pay-off

I always proceed cautiously when seeing movies that depict sexual violence. There is either concern that filmmakers will abuse the subject or that they will portray the crime in a very unsettling way. I had no idea what to expect going into Vivek’s second film, Teacher, but I was relieved to discover that it adheres to my minimalist aesthetic perspective. Of course, not all filmmakers, especially women, would agree with me on this, but I think you can make a point without showing every single upsetting aspect.Vivek chooses minimalism for Teacher, a feature of the Amala Paul-starring rape-revenge tale with a hugely satisfying conclusion. Amala’s performance also stands out for its minimalism, particularly when she is abruptly struck by the horrifying realisation of what had transpired. All that matters are the minimal necessities.

Interestingly, despite the distressing nature of the primary crime, Devika’s (Amala) husband Sujith (Hakkim Shahjahan) and his colleagues’ actions in the wake of the occurrence turn out to be even more unsettling. Shahjahan was a perfect choice for the role of one of the grouchiest husbands in cinematic history. He receives all the incorrect advice from a married coworker who embodies the stereotypical Malayali male sexist and has his own bizarre beliefs about what it means to be a “true man.”

Naturally, his stupid decisions get him and Sujith into trouble. The movie begins in the present tense and waits a bit before telling us a month has passed since the occurrence. The pair has been eagerly expecting the addition of a third family member for a very long time. When Devika’s pregnancy is discovered, things start to go wrong. Sujith continues to suffer insults to his manhood, which further deteriorates their relationship.

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With only a few characters as its primary emphasis, Teacher is a small-scale narrative that keeps things calm rather than upsetting the peace of the neighbourhood, perhaps with the exception of some dodgy motel guests. The police and media don’t get involved because of some creative storytelling decisions. At one point, Devika considers making a police report, but this is a movie with other ideas.

Manju Pillai, who plays Devika’s mother-in-law and fiery revolutionary Patton Kalyani, is one among the cast’s notable performers. She turns into a steadfast tower of strength for her at her most challenging moments. When Chemban Vinod Jose appears as another character with a troubled past, the movie gains more momentum (and present). It plays a brief but significant influence in how the third act plays out.

There are a few instances where the tone of the movie is inconsistent, though. Manju Pillai says some things that make you want to jump for joy, yet her inclusion doesn’t feel natural. Other scorching moments, as when Devika’s skills were revealed, feel hurried. Given the recall of a comparable event in a recent Malayalam film, the novelty element is absent.

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There are times when the performers’ robotic performances might be annoying. I preferred a strategy with greater depth. The former trait stands out in especially in a cameo by Nikhil Renji Panicker, although in the case of this character, it makes sense given the air of secrecy surrounding his origins.

Anu Moothedath’s photography follows the same basic style I discussed previously; it doesn’t draw attention to itself and is mostly oriented on emotion. The eerie background music by Dawn Vincent, who is always dependable, adds to the tension.

Looking back on the entire movie, I can clearly recall that some sequences had a greater impact than others. One is sure to find the writing of The Teacher a little weak when compared to the better-written and staged, albeit more violent, examples of films in the same genre in world cinema.







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