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Belly fat can be fatal! Do this exercise regime for 30 mins a day to reduce the vicious belly fat…

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Belly fat is a problem faced by most middle aged people. This problem is mostly faced by women than men. At some point of time, most people accepted belly fat as a symbol of aging. But now people are very much concerned about the fat accumulated at the middle part of their body. 

   Belly fat is risky for our health as it can line around the arteries. This will cause problems throughout the body or even result in heart attack or stroke. Yes, too much belly fat can be fatal. You might also suffer from Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Breast Cancer, Pancreatitis, Fatty Liver Disease, etc due to belly fat. 

  Accumulation of fat at your middle is not just about our overall look or jeans getting tighter or high BMI (Body Mass Index). It is a serious health issue. The good part is, the bad fat called visceral fat can be burnt easily. To burn the fat all you have to do is get moving. Simple exercise for 15 mins a day or just an hour of brisk walk will also do the magic. 

   Now let’s get into the list of exercises you can do to get rid of the belly fat. About exercises, there is no exercise that will burn only belly fat. Every exercise can help in reducing the fat in the whole body. Exercises that concentrate more on the stomach will also have some impact on legs, shoulders, etc. These exercises are for beginners.

1. Sit Ups (10 – 15 repetitions)

   Sit Ups will help in improving muscle strength. It can especially strengthen the abdominal, Lower back, pelvis and hip muscles. Sit Ups can also relieve back pain. 

2. Leg Raise (10 – 15 repetitions)

  Leg Raise can also strengthen your abdomen and hips area. This exercise supports in enhancing your body posture. Leg raises improve flexibility.

3. Bicycle Exercise (7 – 10 repetitions)

        Bicycle exercise is the best to get your heart pumping. This exercise has the ability to improve memory and brain functioning. Blood sugar levels can be brought into control. This exercise has the ability to lower stress levels and increase more energy. 

4. Reverse Crunch (7 – 10 repetitions)

        Reverse Crunches develop strength and stability on lower back, spine and hips. Helps effectively in burning calories and losing belly fat. 

5. Side Crunch (7 – 10 repetitions)

        Side Crunches also helps just like any other crunches. This crunch workout specifically can benefit both internal and external muscles.

6. Abdominal Crunches (7 – 10 repetitions)

        Abdominal Crunches also work effectively like other crunches.

7.  Vertical Leg Crunches (7 – 10 repetitions)

        Vertical Leg Crunches helps in improving body posture and balance.

8. Twist Crunches (7 – 10 repetitions)

Twist Crunches also improves body posture, spine strength, balance, etc. 

If you couldn’t start with these you can at least start with the below 2 exercises.

9. Walk briskly for at least 20 minutes.

       Huge benefit of walking other than reducing belly fat is it Lowers Alzheimer’s risk. This improves sleep, blood circulation, lightens your mood, etc. 

10. Run / Jog for 20 minutes.

        Running and jogging helps in building strong bones. Cardiovascular fitness can be improved by running or jogging regularly. Healthy weight can be maintained.

Some tips to consider:

  1. Never skip meals.
  2. Include high-quality protein in your food.
  3. Avoid sugar and highly-processed foods.
  4. Drink enough water throughout the day.
  5. Schedule your workout and follow it religiously.
  6. Limit intake of alcohol.
  7. Fidgeting also counts as an activity to reduce belly fat. Don’t worry about being hyperactive.

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