Ram Charan isn’t interested in Hollywood or Bollywood.

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Ram Charan isn’t interested in Hollywood or Bollywood.

Ram Charan is basking in the glory of RRR’s success after winning big at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards. SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus has ruled the world, outrunning the big guns. While others argue about Indian cinema, international cinema, Hindi cinema, or regional cinema, Ram Charan sees the big picture. He desires a single cinema and looks forward to the day when it will be Global cinema.

The RRR team has been hard at work promoting the film in the West and meeting some international artists at prestigious award shows. Tollywood megastar Ram Charan discussed their trip to Los Angeles with American media. The actor admits that coming to LA was not part of their plan, but they ended up there. As a result, they are going with the flow and, of course, they want to see the great directors of LA and Hollywood.

RRR star Ram Charan doesn't want Hollywood or Bollywood, roots for 'one global cinema'

Ram Charan went on to say that he wants them to gain acting experience as well as share cultural ideas and stories between the East and the West. When asked who his favourite director was, he named American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Ram Charan expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with Telugu writer and director SS Rajamouli. When Rajamouli’s guru calls, he clears his schedule. He also stated that he would make time in his schedule for the RRR sequel.

Following the worldwide success of RRR, the actors and directors are reconsidering their Hollywood appearances and collaborations. While SS Rajamouli wishes to collaborate with someone for his first major step into the international film industry, Ram Charan has a different strategy. The Telugu actor desires that all of the forests be burned and that there be only one global cinema. He longs for the day when there will be no Hollywood or Bollywood, but only one global cinema.

RRR is aiming for a slew of international awards after winning Best Original Song at the Golden Globes for Naatu Naatu. At the Critics’ Choice Awards, the film won Best Foreign Film and Best Song for Naatu Naatu. The RRR team is now anticipating the Academy Awards and Oscars.



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